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We value our patients’ experiences at Back to Health Physical Medicine. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to send in your own success story or testimonial to pm@dfwbacktohealth.com

“I came to Back to Health for unresolved back pain, and now I look at them as my primary health care. The holistic approach to pain (accepted by insurance which is a plus!) is my favorite aspect because I hated medication and worried about needing surgery. Instead, they showed me techniques to help reduce and eventually get rid of pain, and I haven’t had trouble since I started going in September.

The icing on the cake is the weight loss consultation I received. I decided to get healthier for preventive measures and talked with Kristie Beveridge. She’s very informative and genuinely cares about your progress and process. I’m on a weight loss program and have lost 20lbs since I started January! It takes work on your end to be diligent, but it helps to have an encouraging coach like Kristie to keep going during your tough days.

I can’t thank the staff at Back to Health for everything they’ve done, and I’d highly recommend them to any and everyone.”


“I began treatment about a year ago and have experienced dramatic results: a significant reduction in the number of training injuries, more efficient workouts, and quicker recovery times. The preventative nature of these treatments has allowed me to focus on the intensity of my workouts, knowing that through proper alignment, less stress is being put on my body. Dr. Farrell is well-versed in sports medicine issues and has a very intuitive treatment style that quickly gets to the root of any problem. She is an integral part of my training program and I would recommend her highly to athletes of all levels.”


“I can recommend Dr. Kristi Farrell not only as a great chiropractor but as a great coach for wellness. I have struggled with Fibromyalgia and various joint related injuries for more than 10 years. After a thoughtful and thorough consultation with Dr. Farrell, my treatment plan began to address my chronic pain, weakness and balance issues. Two months later, yes, I still have Fibromyalgia- but I don’t look at it as a struggle. With Dr. Farrell’s guidance I have learned how to support the alignment of my body, strengthen my core muscles safely, and how to avoid bad body mechanics that only add to pain. My body and my spirit are in a much better place for having worked with Dr. Farrell!”


“After experiencing continued pain in my neck & shoulder following surgery, physical therapy & other conventional medical treatments, I was referred to Dr. Farrell. Not only did I find Dr. Farrell to be a great chiropractor, she was very kind and sympathetic to my needs. Her office staff is incredible and I am so glad I found her. She is one in a million!”


“Dr. Kristi Farrell is an excellent Chiropractor. In addition, she is very personable, patient, caring, and honest. Dr. Farrell treated and quickly healed a shoulder problem that had been troubling me for a number of months. I will continue to use her services going forward and recommend her without hesitation.”


“I had 30 years of poor posture straining my back, intense pain and damage to my knees from a car accident three years previously, despite chiropractic care and physical therapy for over a year after my accident. A year later, my posture and back have greatly improved and I am able to exercise and use my knees again. She has also helped me improve my diet, manage my stress and my overall general health. I am so appreciative of all she has done for me and all she has shown me I can do for myself!”


“Exceeded my expectations! I first saw her hoping she could relieve some specific pain. Not only did she fix the immediate problem, she opened my eyes to the importance of spinal health and the effects the spine has on my entire body. During my second visit, I was given more hard-copy information about my case and her proposed treatment plan than ANY doctor has EVER given me. She also has taught me about clean eating, which is changing the way I live. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good! Dr. Farrell’s office is run like a well-oiled machine … on time, yet flexible, and always a wonderful place to be!”


“If you’ve ever been treated for “frozen shoulder”, you know that ONE treatment is ALL you want – EVER. You also know that one treatment is only the BEGINNING of a necessary, albeit medieval, means to return to a normal life – until now.

When Dr. Kristi Farrell asked me if I would be willing to have cold laser treatment on my shoulder I said “yes” immediately. I didn’t care if it only worked half as well as the conventional treatment; it had to be easier to bear. The first thing I noticed about it was that I didn’t notice anything. I didn’t feel anything. Nothing. I thought “well, this is easier…”. While I trust Dr. Farrell, I must admit that I left her office thinking “I wonder what, if anything, that treatment just did”. I returned to work and my day continued as normal, until I realized that I was scratching my itchy back between my shoulder blades with my “bad” arm! And it DIDN’T hurt! I had mobility again! I had flexibility WITHOUT pain! I went easy on my arm the rest of the day because I didn’t want to undo all of Dr. Farrell’s good work. The next morning, I awoke pain free. I reached and stretched and moved and bent and twisted and flexed – I did every arm motion I could think of, AND I COULD DO THEM ALL!! PAIN FREE! Yes, I was a little stiff BUT I was moving! Not bad for a shoulder damaged by a side impact from an 18 wheeler AND on an old person, no less! Thank You, Dr. Farrell for staying up on the latest training and technology. I would not have the quality of life I enjoy today without the excellent treatment given by you and your staff. ”


“After injuring my knee running, I had limited range of motion and pain with even day to day activities like walking up stairs. After just one treatment with the cold laser, I noticed that my climb back to work on the stairs was pain free. With three total treatments, I was back to my usual workout routine without any limitations!”


“I was taking breathing treatments daily – sometimes twice or more a day – and using 2 inhalers and an additional one for rapid relief. Since being on a nutrition program, I have not had any breathing treatments in 6 months and have not had to use any inhalers.”


“I was having headaches almost everyday, some were migraines. I would have bloating and constipation. I had little energy and was fatigued most days. I was constantly taking ibuprofen and downing diet cokes to make it through the day. I was on a nasal spray and a daily decongestant, as well as an acid reflux medication. Now, I very rarely have headaches, I have more energy, and I am not taking the medication once prescribed for me. I have lost 11 pounds in about 10 weeks and I am feeling much healthier. I have had compliments from my family and friends about my appearance. I am looking forward to having a completely healed body and I am ready to have this change of lifestyle be a permanent part of my life.”


“I am an office sitting employee by day and a triathlete by morning and night, so keeping my body in tact is very difficult. My lower back was always sore and my neck would experience painful muscle cramps. My diet was poor and I experienced constant afternoon exhaustion and my athletic performance was far from optimal. Dr. Farrell and the entire staff have drastically improved many aspects of my life. My neck problems have all but disappeared completely, my body feels ‘normal’ and any small issues are quickly remedied by the team at Back to Health. My athletic performance has increased drastically. This is due to the physical healing as well as the nutrition plan. Putting the right things in my body has given me both the afternoon energy as well as all the workout energy I need. Thanks so much to everyone at Back to Health for everything you do!”